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Our allies

ADA, the Animal and Environment Defense Association works in the promotion of animal rights through educational programmes.
Since 1964, ADA has raised awareness among Colombian society of the importance of protecting and respecting all species.
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Animales Libres de Tortura (ALTO) ‘ is a Colombian platform that seeks at positing animal welfare on the public agenda.
Together with social and political stakeholders they are actively mobilising projects for the benefit of animals.
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ColombiaVeg was created in 2021 to promote veganism in Colombia through education, partnerships, and campaigns.
ColombiaVeg is committed to supporting people in their transition towards a plant-based diet.
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WebConserva promotes the conservation and sustainable use of ecosystems through education and research.
WebConserva is committed to protect the felidae species and other wild animals that live in Colombia.
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Freevegans Colombia is a non-profit organisation that raises awareness of animal suffering and explotation by different industries.
Through campaigns and demonstrations they promote a plant-based diet and the protection of the environment.
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