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Our team

Cecilia is a 33-year-old professional. Originally from Colombia, she lives in Brussels where she has been working as a lobbyist and project manager for the past five years.
She has been working abroad for more than 10 years in fields such as diplomacy, health, human rights, transport and animal welfare.
Cecilia holds a political science BA and a master degree in international political economy from the University of Kent in the UK. She is fluent in Spanish, French and English.
Cecilia is fully committed to veganism, as the ultimately way to truly show animals the love and respect they deserve.


Cecilia Angulo

Director and Founder

Paula is a 24-year-old communication professional. She has experience in journalism, photography and visual arts. She is from Bogotá and has been an animal activist for six years.
Paula is convinced that equality, goodness and justice are the only way towards animal, human and climate liberation.


Paula Ruiz

Communication Officer

Zac is a male calf rescued in 2020. He was born with a very deadly disease but thanks to the work of good hearted people he survived. Zac is now growing big in a sanctuary in Colombia.



Emotional support animal