With the support of the Government and the Secretariat of Culture and Heritage of the Atlantic, the municipality of Santo Tomás, also called the green lung of the Atlantic, held its third edition of the Book Fair from September 16 to 18, 2022, which featured with a cultural agenda of more than 60 events on literature, storytelling and theatre, the presence of 29 writers and nearly 2,000 visitors.

The fair was part of the celebration of the Patron Saint Festivities of September, which were traditionally celebrated with religious activities, parades and bullfights, but since this year they have celebrated in true honour of art and care of life thanks to the decision of the Mayor Tomás Guardiola to cancel “the corralejas” in the municipality.

“We congratulate the Mayor’s Office for betting on this cultural offer that replaces the corralejas, promoting a stage for literature and the arts with an offer of national stature, such as the Santo Tomás Book Fair,” said Esla Noguera, Governor of the Atlantic.

Santo Tomás adheres to Usiacurí and Sabanalarga by being the third municipality in the department that bets on the promotion and incentive of cultural events as a replacement for the corralejas. Let us remember that, after the accident that occurred in El Espinal where a box collapsed in the middle of the bullfighting activity, leaving people injured and four dead, the governor ordered the cancellation of the corralejas scheduled for the second period of 2022 in Atlántico and urged mayors to replace them with other types of events that respect human life and the welfare of animals.

From SOS Animals Colombia we celebrate the reconversion of these violent spaces through activities that truly rescue the culture of the region and promote festivities in peace with all animals.

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