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Worldwide, there are billions of animals that are exploited for human consumption. If we also include fish, we are talking about trillions of sentient beings which are suffering globally.

The way some animals are captured, kept, transported and killed for consumption do not always follow minimum standards of welfare and very rarely high standards, leaving also behind animals’ wellbeing.

It is estimated that in Colombia there are almost 28 million bovines, close to 5 million pigs, 21O.000 poultry, 414.000 buffalos, 1.7 million sheep and 1.1 million goats.

SOS Animals Colombia is committed to improve the welfare of farmed animals by making sure they are protected by the legislation and the current laws are correctly enforced.

What do we want to achieve?

  • Terrestrial transport of animals follows strict rules 
  • Live animal transport by sea is replaced by a meat and carcasses-only trade 
  • Cage systems for farm animals are phased out 
  • More regulation in slaughterhouses, cameras and more controls 
  • Mandatory method of production labeling agreed 
  • Pigs’ welfare is put as a priority 
  • Turkeys and broilers chickens’ welfare is put as a priority 
  • Mutilations and chick culling is banned 
  • Fish welfare regulation


We need your help to improve the living conditions of farmed animals. If you are interested in participating or supporting the endeavor of this working group please get in touch with us.