With the occasion of the World Day for the End of Speciesism, several NGOs around the world took the opportunity to send strong messages against speciesism. The initiative lead by WoDES.org had the participation of animal right organisations from more than 10 countries including Colombia.

SAC global partner Anima Naturalis-Colombia released yesterday a short video clip demanding the end of speciesism. Participants volunteered introducing their companion animals and asking viewers two fundamental questions: Until which animal your empathy goes? and why to love some and kill others?.

This action aimed at showing the contrast between how society, in general, loves companion animals while tolerates enormous abuses to others species. Anima Naturalis also seeks at raising awareness of the fact that all animals are sentient beings that deserve a life free of suffering and pain and invites viewers to join the movement to end speciesism.

What is speciesism?

Speciesism is the human-held belief that all other animal species are inferior. This thinking involves considering animals as means to human ends. Speciesism also involves the belief that some animals such as dogs or cats deserve more consideration and care than others species such as pigs, chickens, fish and other farmed animals. Speciesism ignores science, which has proven all animals’ capacity to feel pain but also experience pleasurable feelings like happiness.

Why it is important to fight against speciesism?

Speciesism affects billions of animals, especially farmed animals. It justifies humans to use them as property, objects, or even ingredients. Speciesism denies non human animals self-worth and capacity to feel. Fighting speciesism is key to put an end to animal abuse and exploitation.

How can you help?

As a bias belief rooted in society for ages, fighting speciesism is challenging, but every single step towards ending speciesism matters. For instance, becoming a conscious consumer is one of the simplest actions individuals can take. Considering animals as means to human ends has been exploited by the different industries, including the food industry, thus, choosing products that do not use animals is a very effective way to fight speciesism.

Become an advocate and raise awareness in your community, educate your friends and family about speciesism. Donate and volunteer. There are numerous organisations that are arduously working to end speciesism. Supporting animal rights NGOs financially or joining their team of volunteers will make you an anti-speciesism warrior too.

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