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Globally, a person who adopts a plant-based diet prevents the death of around 105 animals per year.

The number of animal that could be saved begins to increase if we also give up participating in their exploitation in all other industries, such as fur, cosmetics, entertainment, among others.

Veganism is the ethical position that makes this possible because it seeks that other animals are considered morally and that as sentient beings, they have needs and interests that matter and must be respected.

From SOS Animals Colombia we want to facilitate the tools, practices and pedagogies, so that the adoption of this position is a more enjoyable, conscious and affordable process.

What do we want to achieve?

  • Put plant-based food at the heart of the discussions on sustainable food systems
  • Increase plant-based options in schools menus and promote campaigns such as Vegan Friday meals
  • Encourage dialogue on the health benefits of plant-based diets 
  • Support for innovation in plant-based food, clothing and beauty sectors
  • The creation of animal-free labels for products in Colombia
  • Introduce Veganuary in the country
  • Support the introduction of Cultured Meat in Colombia



We need your help to improve the living conditions of farmed animals. If you are interested in participating or supporting the endeavor of this working group please get in touch with us.