Lack of care, disease, starvation and death describe the reality of millions of stray dogs and cats in Colombia. The figures are unclear but it is estimated that in Bogotá alone around one hundred thousand dogs are roaming the streets. The COVID 2019 health crisis has aggravated the situation exceeding the capacity of the shelters.

Looking at alleviating the situation, from April to December 2021, the initiative Ruta Animal launched a campaign to neuter dogs and cats that are living on the streets. A group of veterinarians are traveling to different regions of Colombia to look after abandoned animals, sterilise them and provide them with basic care.  

The campaign, supported by Colombian animal welfare organisation ADA, has already neutered around nine thousand dogs and cats since it began feeding street dogs, almost one year ago. However, its work has been limited due to the lack of resources and the increasing needs. Sadly, unlike other countries, the culture of donations to help animals is still very premature in Colombia.

Right now, Ruta Animal which was created by a group of citizens, together with the well-known animal activist Andrea Padilla, is collecting funds through the crowdfunding platform Vaki and it hopes to collect close to 30K € by 1ST August.

If you wish to be part of this wonderful project do not hesitate to make your donation here. For more information contact

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