After three years of delaying its approval, the Colombian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development approved the National Animal Protection and Welfare Public Policy.

The public policy, approved at the end of July was promoted and drafted by animal welfare politicians Juan Carlos Losada, and Andrea Padilla and had the support of different stakeholders and animal rights activists.

This policy seeks to strengthen institutional management to guarantee the protection and welfare of farm animals, street animals, animals used in laboratories, and wild species victims of illegal trafficking, among others. In addition, it establishes strategies and programs for training in responsible ownership, awareness campaigns, sterilization, creation of territorial welfare centres, rehabilitation and comprehensive assistance for wildlife and replacement of animal-drawn vehicles.

“There are now four important challenges for the National Government with this policy. First, define who will execute and evaluate, second, the articulation between entities of the national order, third, the municipal mandate (…) and fourth point, already with this National Policy, the Government in its Development Plan will have to reserve financial resources for its implementation”, highlighted animal welfare senator, Andrea Padilla, on her Twitter account.

This policy will help strengthen the Law on Environmental Crimes, which punishes the trafficking of Colombian wild species with up to 12 years in prison, The Decree that regulates the sustainable management of wild flora and non-timber forest products, measures that, together with the Climate Action Law, represent the Ministry’s strategy to protect, conserve and restore ecosystems in the regions.

From SOS Animals Colombia we celebrate this historic achievement for the animals in our country.

The full text is available in Spanish here. 

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