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The export of live animals by sea is currently a legal practice in Colombia, also common in several countries across the globe. These are the cases of Uruguay, Brazil, Australia, France and other countries of the European Union.

But what are live exports? Basically, animals such as cows, bulls, pigs, chickens, sheep and horses are put on ships for more than 20 days to slaughterhouses of importing countries since their objective is mainly human consumption. Animals remain locked up in small spaces during these journeys, with little veterinary attention, enduring extreme temperatures throughout the journey, without optimal health conditions, and being exposed to accidents that represent a detriment to their well-being.

It is not a secret that despite the standards, certifications, permits and all kinds of regulations, animals suffer and are mistreated to the point where they end up dead in a cruel way.

That is why SOS Animals Colombia joined the international campaign #BanLiveExports. “We need to put an end to this practice that inflict tremendous amount of unnecessary suffering and death on animals and Colombia should take the lead in the region” says Cecilia Angulo, SOS Animals’ founder. 

Through a series of videos and actions, SOS Animals seeks to raise awareness about the negative sides of this practice and invite the government, congressmen and women and civil society to unite against these unjustifiable practices of exploitation and animal suffering.

If you are against the export of live animals and you live in Colombia, we invite you to learn about the recent bill proposed by the Green Party senator Andrea Padilla and to follow up on its development. If approved, Colombia would join countries like New Zealand and Luxembourg that do not participate in this cruel business.

Let’s make history by putting an end to one of the cruellest practices of animal exploitation.

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