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Cecilia Angulo is the founder of SOS Animals Colombia who has been advocating for animal rights from Europe. Cecilia is a vegan and despite having grown up in the most livestock-producing area of Colombia, she is convinced that Colombia needs to transform its food systems and end animal exploitation. Do not miss the opportunity to know her story!

Miguel Aparicio is the founder of Namigni, an animal sanctuary located 18km from Bogotá, Colombia where more than 300 rescued animals live. Miguel is an animal rights activist with more than twenty years of experience. SOS Animals Colombia talked to him to learn more about his fascinating work and love for animals. Do not miss the opportunity to know his story!

Australian philosopher Peter Singer is considered the father of the modern animal rights movement. Peter Singer is the author of the book “Animal Liberation” where the concept of “speciesism” was introduced to the debate on the moral consideration of animals. He is currently a professor of bioethics at Princeton University. SOS Animals Colombia had the honor to have a conversation with him.